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You will be pleased with your expert vinyl siding services. We have almost 30 years of experience with siding made of vinyl. Read the many testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Siding made of vinyl is attractive, durable, low maintenance and weatherproof.  These are just some of the advantages of quality vinyl siding.  If you have clapboard, masonite siding, asbestos shingles, cedar or other wood based exterior on your home, consider these vinyl siding advantages:

Vinyl siding is made from a PVC plastic. Unlike wood or cedar, it won’t rot or flake. Vinyl is also less expensive to purchase and install than most other siding materials.

  • No need to paint or scrape siding
  • No peeling, stains, blistering or rot from vinyl.
  • A wide variety and selection of siding and trim colors for a custom look
  • Vinyl siding helps to weatherproof your home
  • Siding can be applied over any surface
  • Sidings made of vinyl comes in a variety of colors

Additional Vinyl Siding Benefits

  • In extreme weather events (all certified vinyl siding is tested to withstand winds of 110 mph, and most achieve a wind rating higher than that) including climate change — vinyl siding will withstand the hottest summers and sub-zero winters
  • Against color fade, because certified products come with another level of assurance when certified for color retention (and there are hundreds to choose from)
  • Against rot and decay, because polymer-based sidings do not absorb water and their rainscreening design does not trap water behind the siding — whereas fiber-based products may disintegrate over time when moisture penetrates the plank
  • By making it more energy efficient when you choose insulated siding, because it blankets your home in continuous insulation which fight heat loss
  • Greater Dent Resistance Than Aluminum
    Vinyl’s flexible nature allows it to absorb impact better than more malleable materials like metal which can dent if struck hard enough. Given reasonable care and with some luck from Mother Nature (like no violent hailstorms) vinyl siding can last for years
  • Reasonably Good Durability
    It’s a relatively durable product, particularly if it’s on the thicker end of the product spectrum and even more so if it has an insulation backing. Vinyl won’t rot like wood and wood-based products can, is non-porous and isn’t threatened by pests like insects or woodpecker

To complete the job, all window and door openings are wrapped with custom fabricated aluminum trim in matching or complimentary colors to your choice of vinyl siding.

Should I purchase Insulated Siding for my Home?

Today’s homeowners looking for ways to improve their home’s energy performance are increasingly choosing insulated siding? Vinyl siding with rigid foam insulation that is laminated or permanently attached to the panel.

Installing Insulated Vinyl Siding is your best choice for cladding your home considers this: air leakage can account for up to 30% or more of a home’s heating and cooling energy.

Insulated siding can improve a home’s energy efficiency. Most exterior walls have insulation in between the wall studs, but allow significant energy loss through the studs themselves. Wall studs, both wood and metal, are poor insulators — when they come in contact with the exterior cladding, they allow heat to pass through them (which is called a thermal bridge). Since these studs represent up to 25 percent of the wall surface of an average home, it’s like having an entire exterior wall with no insulation at all.

Insulated siding improves energy efficiency by reducing thermal bridging — like a blanket, it is continuous insulation over the studs, which helps homes stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

While many homeowners are familiar with ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances and energy efficient windows, they may be surprised to learn that insulated siding can also improve a home’s energy performance. Insulated siding is now accepted as home insulation in various energy efficiency programs — including the checklist of building products or methodologies that can help meet the requirements to qualify under ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes.

Benefits of Insulated Vinyl Siding

It is no secret that cost is a big factor when it comes to choosing the best material to clad your home, which is why twice as many homeowners in the United States side their homes with exterior vinyl siding than any other material on the market. Taking it one step farther, Insulated Vinyl Siding is a cost effective product that can also save you money on your home’s heating and cooling costs!

The other benefit to buying insulated vinyl siding is that it’s not only a great insulator, but it helps reduce outdoor noises. So if you live in a high traffic area, insulated vinyl siding makes a great choice

Compared to traditional vinyl siding, its insulated vinyl counterpart increases the R-value of your home which means reduced energy bills throughout the year. Insulated vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors to choose from and requires little to no maintenance. Insulated vinyl siding also offers better weather performance and better sound control properties than traditional siding.

  1. Many options to choose from – comes in a variety of finishes, styles and colors so you can be sure to find what you’re looking for
  2. Energy efficient – our insulation provide the industry best energy savings for homeowners with a system R-value of up to 5.3
  3. Less seams – 39% longer than the traditional twelve foot panel. You can order panels in 16 foot lengths and will wield a straighter, cleaner exterior and even reduce wall irregularities
  4. Return on investment – installation of insulated vinyl siding can yield higher than an 80% return on investment due to increased energy efficiency and lower energy bills
  5. Aesthetics – there is no dollar figure put on improving the look and feel of your home through the variety of styles, colors and finishes offered. In addition, the foam back insulation helps keep your siding flush with the wall and prevents waviness which could hurt the aesthetics of your home.
  6. Weather durability – can handle virtually all types of weather including high temperatures, extreme seasonal weather changes and strong winds. Innovative, patent-pending panel locking design for a tight, secure fit with no insulation gap.
  7. Maintenance requirements – requires little to no maintenance and premium vinyl siding comes with a lifetime warranty including color fading and appearance.
  8. Easy installation – Triad Installations installs hundreds of siding jobs a year and can make your installation experience hassle-free from start to finish.
  9. Repairability – in the rare case that a part of your siding is damaged it can be easily replaced by the even the homeowner
  10. Durability – insulated vinyl siding will not rot or become damaged from water, mold, insects or long-term exposure from the sun. Additionally, the foam back insulation helps your siding lay flatter and straighter on your home.

Why Hire US to install your Vinyl Siding?

I’ve dedicated my business to helping you and other consumers understand remodeling design and construction. That’s why I publish my free remodeling reports.

My installers are highly skilled, certified and conscientious technicians. All have at least 15 plus years’ experience and training. We do not employ any “kids” or spare-timers, no subcontractors.

You will receive a written proposal for your project. You’ll always know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Everything is included, no hidden surprises.

We will treat your home with as much care and respect as if it were our very own.

All work performed by Triad Installations is guaranteed against faulty workmanship for five (5) full years from the date of installation. There will be no charge to the client for labor or materials on any repair due to faulty workmanship during that (5) year period. If you should find something that you would like repaired, simply call our office. We will promptly schedule a service appointment within 48 hours of your call. You will be given an exact day and time so that your time is not wasted waiting around for the serviceman. We’re on your side!

Professional Memberships and Certifications

  • Triad Installations understands the importance of continuing education and professional associations. We stay current on products, new trends and our suppliers.
  • Member of the National Association of Home Builders
  • Member of the Central Carolina Better Business Bureau and BBB A+ rated Accredited Business
  • Owens Corning Preferred Provider
  • CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator Certification
  • VSI (Vinyl Siding Institute) Certified Installer
  • EPA Lead based paint Contractor (for those with homes built prior to 1978)
  • GAF Certified Contractor
  • Atrium windows certified installer.
  • Norandex, Alside, Royal vinyl siding installer.

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